ZKJ Consulting Engineers and Trading Group







ZKJ Group Quality Control Department mobilizes different on-site laboratories including:

  •        Onsite quality control laboratory for soil works
  •        Onsite quality control laboratory for concrete works
  •        Onsite quality control laboratory for asphalt works
  •        Onsite quality control laboratory for weld works

  These laboratories are mobilized during construction phase in order to:

  •          Controlling the quality of materials to be used in various parts of the project and choosing the best one by                    performing soil and aggregate quality control tests 
  •          Insuring conformance of procedure of soil, concrete, asphalt and weld works to the related international and                local codes
  •          Controlling the effect of any modification in general specification or work procedure because of local conditions,            policies, available materials, local regulations and other special circumstances
  •          Providing any recommend required to better performance of the project
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