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Environmental Services

ZKJ as one of the Middle East’s leading geotechnical and environmental companies is well prepared to build its fine reputation and business on highly practical and professional environmental consulting capabilities. ZKJ applies its knowledge, technical abilities and analytical skills to provide unique services addressing environmental challenges. ZKJ is qualified and capable to manage diverse projects from the beginning, defining the problems, planning the requirements, evaluation, compliance, offering innovative solutions and operation the projects of businesses, industries, organizations and governmental entities. 

We ensure our clients that the environmental aspects of their on-going projects comply within the context of the applicable regulatory and reliably functional conditional framework. ZKJ pride itself in carrying out cost effective, value-added, technically sound services in a wide range based on the clients’ needs. Our environmental team having a keen sense of professionalism with honest highly ethical approach to work and personal standards strive to work effectively in a fast paced environment to meet both scientific and commercial developments. ZKJ services include a broad range of disciplines as follow:


-   Environmental impact assessment

-   Soil & water pollution assessments

-   Waste management

-   Hazardous solid waste management

-   Wastewater management

-   Soil and water remediation design

-   Implementation of online monitoring projects

-   Mining environmental studies

-   Marine and coastal pollution studies

-   Alternative and new energies

-   Geotechnical studies of environmental projects

-   Professional training courses/software in different environmental fields


Design and Optimization