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 Mining Services

 Mining industries are vitally necessary components in development of every civilization to thrive. ZKJ offers technical depth and experience in mining consulting services to mining projects throughout the whole mine life-cycle. We provide cost-effective design and practical solutions supporting our clients to meet their development, production, engineering standards, efficiency and environmental targets. Our mining consultants deliver top quality services at various levels of all exploration and mining stages as follows:


Preliminary and detailed feasibility studies for mining projects

 - Mineralogical, geochemical and petrographical studies

 - Ore microscopy

 - Mineral resource geology 

 - Metallic deposits

 - Industrial minerals and rocks

 Geological services

 - Large and small-scale Geological maps 

 Exploration Services

 - Remote sensing 

 - Reconnaissance studies

 - Mineral prospecting and prospect geological studies

 - Preliminary exploration activities

 - Detailed exploration works

 - Geochemical surveys

 - Geophysical surveys

 Exploratory drilling

 Ore reserve/mineral resource evaluation and estimation

 Mining Services

 - Geological modeling

 - In-situ geotechnical and laboratory testing 

 - Underground and open-pit mine design

 - Technical and economic analyses on mine sites

 - Equipment and machinery consultancy services

 - Cost estimation

 - Production planning and equipment selection

 - Preparation of implementation maps

 Mineral processing studies

 - Ore processing feasibility studies

 - Processing plants design and machinery

Mining-environmental studies

 - Contamination in mining sites

 - Environmental impact assessment of mining projects

 Environmental studies of prepossessing-smelting plants

 - Remediation of contaminated sites 

 - Reclamation of mining sites 

 - Mine closure 

 - Waste and tailing management

Design and Optimization